I am raising money for Charisma Movement's flagship project: Project Anak Malaysia. All of the funds raised will be used to purchase basic necessities for families in Sabah! These families come from the schools we have close working relationships with; SK Temuno-Teringa Darat, SK Tumunda Salimandut and SK Samparita!

My Story

To see my gallery of goods please visit my Instagram page! @danqing.jpeg
List of offerings:
  • GoodNotes 5/Notability templates
  • E-Greeting Cards
  • E-Sticker Sheets
  • Phone Wallpapers
  • Logo Design
  • Custom Digital Art
  • Digital Postcards
In May 2020, I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in History and International Affairs. Due to the pandemic, I returned to Malaysia and started volunteering at Charisma Movement, as I have always been passionate about volunteerism and combatting social issues. When I heard that there was a chance for me to contribute more, I jumped onto the opportunity! 

Social issues, especially concerning socioeconomic welfare and education equity have always been passions of mine. However, before people can focus on education, they must first meet their basic needs. People are not less deserving solely because of their consequences and social status, and I hope that through my efforts I can continue to persuade others to see it the same way. 

To raise funds, I will be utilizing my self-taught digital illustration skills. I am by no means a master in digital art, but have a keen interest in learning and developing my skills. As you will notice, all my offerings will be digital goods. I used to be the type of person who would buy many notebooks and journals but never got to use them. I became very aware of my wasteful habits and have since moved to digitize my life to prevent more waste. Thus, all the products I make are only available digitally. As part of your purchase, you can print my work for personal use, I just ask that you do not claim it as your own :)

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  • Erin Chean

    thank u for ur beautiful art!! <3

    MYR 20 09/17/2021 12:56:55 PM UTC

  • Hsiang Yu Wu

    Love you bb Dan 🥰

    USD 15 09/14/2021 01:55:40 PM UTC

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    Go Dan!

    MYR 35 08/30/2021 07:21:24 AM UTC

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  • Anonymous

    Well done and take care.

    MYR 100 08/17/2021 05:34:03 PM UTC

  • Ming yamamoto

    The logo she designed was just perfect. Thank you so much Dan!

    MYR 30 08/17/2021 02:16:44 PM UTC

  • Candace Teo

    MYR 300 08/17/2021 12:47:59 PM UTC

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