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What is 2 Men and their Logs?

Darran and Jamie will complete an endurance challenge across the Seven Sevens which is a fixed route climbing the seven tallest peaks in the Mourne mountains. The route is 18 miles (29 km) and has a total climb of 2,495m (8,100 ft). It will be undertaken while carrying a 10kg log each.

The event is in aid of Burm and Emily’s Elephant Sanctuary and to highlight the use of elephants within the logging and tourist industries of Thailand.

What is BEES and our connection to the charity?

Burm and Emily’s Elephants Sanctuary (BEES) was founded by husband and wife team, Burm and Emily, in 2011. These two fantastic people had the vision of creating a haven, away from abuse and exploitation, where elephants could live out their lives as close to how nature intended.

BEES currently have 3 elephants and many rescued cats and dogs. One of the elephants, Mae Dok, was only recently purchased from her owner and brought to the sanctuary. She is an older female, approximately 70 years old, who had spent the last 20 years chained up under a bridge where she was fed snacks by tourists in exchange for a selfie. Prior to this she was used in the logging industry where she would have been expected to carry timber weighing between 300 & 500 kg. Due to her living conditions, and the prolonged strain of heavy lifting, she suffers from widespread arthritic pain which is made worse by her being overweight from all the sugary snacks. Unfortunately, the sanctuary’s other elephants come from similar backgrounds and have similar ailments.

During a recent trip to Thailand, Darran volunteered 4 days at the sanctuary and witnessed, first-hand, the amazing work carried out by the team. From conversations with Emily, Burm, and other staff he was made aware of the many difficulties they face. These include the huge cost of rescuing elephants in need along with feeding and enrichment for their animals and the day to day upkeep of the sanctuary. All the while trying to grow the sanctuary in order to further their dream – to rescue as many vulnerable elephants as possible.

Please help us raise as much money as possible for this amazing team!

To find out more about BEES, visit their website -

Date and Time

We are aiming to complete the event on Saturday 7/9/19 but, due to the variability of Northern Irish weather, the date of the event needs to remain flexible and may be changed for safety reasons.

Social Media

We have set up an Instagram page for the event and everyone is welcome to follow us on 2MenandtheirLogs. This will let you keep up with training and planning updates along with photos and videos from BEES and the day of the event.

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    Bees is a wonderful organisation, such a worthy cause.

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    Not an easy challenge! All the best for this good cause.

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    Good Luck to you both!! So great you are doing this for BEES!

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