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My Story

After a few years where big events couldn't be hosted, Angels Zumbathon is on again. I am participating to this 4 hours Zumba to raise funds for underprivileged children in Hong Kong. 
This event will raise funds to pay for extra curriculum activities and social support for children in Po Leung Kuk orphanage . Most of these children are coming from in complex family situations that brought them to be separated from their families and place under the care of an orphanage. While the government provides for their basic needs, there is no funds dedicated to their mind wellbeing and growth. They need fun and social support in their life more than anyone, and this is what we can offer them through this fundraising. 

All profits of this event will go to 2 programs already running to provide them this support. Thank you for your generosity help! 

Recent Donors

  • Stephanie Riondet

    A little help for the kids ❤️

    EUR 25 05/27/2023 01:12:30 PM UTC

  • Simone Berthet

    EUR 100 05/27/2023 09:56:23 AM UTC

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