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My Story

Hi, my name is Chloe Tai and I am 11 years old. 

I am raising funds for MAKE-A-WISH ( I found MAKE-A-WISH videos on youtube. The videos are about sick kids having their wishes come true. I found it especially sweet when watching faces of the young kids light up. I like the idea of making a wish comes true for the kid and it is new to me. I told my mom about it and we decided to start this fund-raising campaign through `

MAKE-A-WISH is a non-profit organisation founded in the USA. MAKE-A-WISH grants wishes to people from ages of 3-18 with life threatening diseases, regardless of gender, economical status, race or religion. To be eligible to be granted a wish, the patient has to be a resident in Malaysia and has to be referred to by a physician. If you donate, the full amount will go to the organisation and it helps fund the ‘wish day’.

Other than the collections from, I will also be raising funds through selling things like slime, cakes, bread and pre-loved goods. All the money that I earn will go to MAKE-A-WISH. 

Don’t you think that every child should feel special even for a moment?  MAKE-A-WISH is changing lives and don’t you want to help? A simple way to make more wishes come true and change more lives is by donating money to their organisation. No matter how much you donate, big or small, it makes a HUGE difference in someone’s life.

Your support would mean a lot to me but more so for the children because your help changes their lives and brings light and happiness to their days. Just imagine what the children would feel being stuck in hospital room and not knowing their future and whether they would be alive tomorrow. So having one special ‘wish day’ would mean the world to them. 

Thank you so much! Please donate and be the HERO of the children!

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