No hands are too small to help! Zac and Elias (together with their Mum!) are excited to be joining a service trip to Thailand in August! They will be going with their classmates to run activities for a number of children’s homes for orphans across Chiang Mai. They will also be travelling in with around 200kg of donated goods from Crossroads to support the children they will meet: much needed sports equipment, stationery, clothing and educational toys. Funds raised through this website go directly to Crossroads and will cover the cost of flights, accommodation, food and some activities for the children we will be serving.

My Story

Would you like to be a part of this adventure? We can't do it without you! Let us tell you a little more about what we will be doing, and who will be working with. 

Tutu’s dad was orphaned at the age of 6. In the small village of Northern Thailand, his status as an orphan marked him as cursed by his animist, superstitious neighbors, and he was exiled from the village.

A generation later, Tutu and her siblings knew poverty personally and daily. Their family lived meal to meal, hand to mouth. When Tutu was still young, though, a school opened in a nearby village and she began to study English. The school options ceased after Grade 9, however, so she returned to working in the village. She stayed there for a decade. An opportunity then opened for Tutu to move to Chiang Mai where she finished school and then university.

Upon graduation, Tutu returned to her village hill-tribe with a fervent heart to make a difference in the lives of orphans and vulnerable children, those just like her father.  Today, she leads an all hill-tribe staff that cares for 320 children across 14 children’s homes in northern Thailand. She has also started 3 schools and 3 orphanages for refugee children along the border with Myanmar.

Tutu says, “I give all of my energy for these children. I will serve among my hill-tribe children until my last breath.” Tutu is not tall, and her hands are small, but she is certainly doing big work!

Our team kids, like Tutu, have small hands, but they do big work too! In August, they will travel to Chiang Mai to visit one of Tutu’s children’s home.  There will be 5 families and 2 teachers going on this service trip. We will also be carrying around 200kg of goods from our warehouse: clothing, bags, stationery supplies, sports items, toys etc. Our kids will help prepare these before we go.

Tutu is excited we’re coming, her kids are excited, we are excited, but we need to raise some funds to get there. Would you like to be a part of this adventure? 

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  • Tracey Stedman

    Dear Zac and Elias well done !!! Love from Tim and Tracey Stedman xxx

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    I'm sure you will both give and receive so much during your exciting trip. Have a fantastic time with open eyes, hands and hearts!

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    Add oil, Z & E!

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    Hi dear Zac & Elias that's an exciting project you are part of 👍. Thankyou for sharing it and enabling us to be a small part of your support crew 😊🙏 Katrina & Ev

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    All the best!

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    Enjoy the experience!

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