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Yayasan Chow Kit, is an orphanage located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. There are many children and teenagers not fortunate enough who lack good healthcare and education. Nonetheless, Malaysian citizens until now aren’t aware while ignoring the importance and the increasing amount of poor adolescence issues. Hence, the project aims to intensify the public regarding adolescent issues while supporting them to act in this nationwide problem.

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  • Anonymous

    It is good to see effort from those with the potential and capacity to make change happen beyond themselves.

    MYR 122 04/30/2022 01:31:19 PM UTC

  • Jasmine Low

    Great work Team YOUth for Charity! You are making an impact..

    MYR 30 03/31/2022 08:36:15 AM UTC

  • Anonymous

    MYR 478 03/21/2022 11:39:27 AM UTC

  • Tzuyu Chou

    MYR 190 03/19/2022 01:25:01 PM UTC

  • Anonymous

    musical concert

    MYR 150 03/13/2022 04:28:13 AM UTC

  • Dr. Peter Lee

    We hope you will work extra harder to bring in more donors. We looking forward for your group to plan more activities and events to influence other to donate to your site. Another idea, if every member try to get RM250, l believe you will attain your target of RM2000. All the best..

    MYR 10 03/03/2022 06:04:06 AM UTC

  • XZ Z

    MYR 20 02/15/2022 02:08:41 PM UTC

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