I'm making a difference by raising money for a cause close to my heart. Please support me by donating.

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A simple gesture from all of you mean a lot to us. RM 1, 5 ,10 or any amount that you are comfortable with could make a difference in " Lighting a Refugee's Dream !"
 Activities in our daily schedule, such as school and tuition are a privilege to them. It's something they have to fight for, it doesn't come naturally. We just have to attend school classes as scheduled but they have to find their own school just to study. Refugee kids were forced to leave their home country in a bid to have a better life. Be a part to help them, be it a big or small amount through this donation. 

Treat it like donating to a donation box in our primary, secondary school. Thank you >3 

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  • Serene

    MYR 20 01/28/2023 04:58:32 PM UTC

  • Caryn Chin ♤

    Be happy

    MYR 15 01/28/2023 12:08:15 PM UTC

  • Yangel Qi ♡☆_>_<_

    MYR 10 01/28/2023 11:53:52 AM UTC

  • Anonymous

    MYR 18 01/28/2023 11:45:35 AM UTC

  • Anonymous

    MYR 20 01/20/2023 11:10:56 AM UTC

  • Mike Wazowski

    "Only miss the sun when it starts to snow"

    MYR 20 01/20/2023 10:52:32 AM UTC

  • MYR 10 01/20/2023 09:03:58 AM UTC

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