They’re no different than other children despite living with HIV. They might not understand why the world are being harsh to them but that doesn’t stop them to dream. Dream of becoming someone someday.Giving is not just about donation, it’s about making a difference. Together we can all give them hope of a better future.

My Story

Hi everyone, my name is Nadirah, I’m working with Malaysian AIDS Foundation. I have a very soft spot for children , especially for children who living with HIV. Due to stigma attached to HIV, these children didn’t get the same treatment like other children get despite suffering from the illness through no fault of their own.

Just like all of us, they did not choose their parents, they did not choose how they were brought into this world, they did not design their own DNA, they have done nothing to deserve being rejected, they have done nothing to deserve being abandoned.

HIV doesn’t stop these children to live a long, happy and fulfilling life, with the right treatment and support. Join me, to help these children, because their future lies in our hands. Every contribution helps, no matter how small.

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  • Sharvin Kumar

    MYR 20 07/07/2020

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    MYR 20 07/07/2020

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    MYR 10 19/06/2020

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    keep it good work love! you inspire us to take care others people too. i’m so proud of you 💖 with love, E

    MYR 30 08/06/2020

  • Anonymous

    Keep it up nad🐣

    MYR 10 06/06/2020

  • Sofea

    Keep up a good work cik irah

    MYR 30 06/06/2020

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