You get to help the Down Syndrome and Autistic community in Hong Kong (Love 21 Foundation) AND watch us sweat. We will sweat buckets in our inaugural Everest attempt. Guaranteed to impress. And the more you donate, the more we will sweat. PLUS, guess who‘ll be “collecting” it into a measuring cup/pitcher/bucket? Yes, Joanne. We do this for your viewing pleasure. We do this for the Down Syndrome and Austistic Community. Get involved and donate! Vanessa, Cris, Joanne, Jonathan

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We‘ll be performing a variety of ULTRA sweat-inducing routines including:
Skippidy Ropes
Jumpidy Jacks
Pushidy Ups
Froggidy Squats
Whackidy Arms etc etc

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  • Surabhi Chopra

    HKD 800 08/18/2021 01:12:40 PM UTC

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    HKD 2,500 08/15/2021 03:00:30 AM UTC

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    Well done!!!

    HKD 800 08/14/2021 02:59:24 PM UTC

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    HKD 2,500 08/14/2021 05:37:50 AM UTC

  • janice wang

    go team!

    HKD 1,000 08/13/2021 01:48:36 PM UTC

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    💪🏻 the O'Brien's

    HKD 1,000 08/13/2021 11:03:47 AM UTC

  • Conn Yuen

    HKD 1,000 08/13/2021 09:52:46 AM UTC

  • Yijia & James

    Go team!! All the very best tomorrow!

    HKD 1,800 08/13/2021 03:09:25 AM UTC

  • Justin Wong

    HKD 200 08/12/2021 03:12:08 AM UTC

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