Please help by sponsoring my walk from the Victoria Peak down to Central Lan Kwai Fong~ I am also planning to bring Jolene (a HKDR doggie) and Jaden (my 4-year-old nephew) along for the walk~

My Story

Hong Kong Dog Rescue is an organization I want to support because of their "NO KILL" mission.  In Hong Kong, if a stray dog got caught, or that it is surrendered by its owner to the AFD or SPCA, there is a high chance that the dogs will end up being put down (euthansized/killed) - especially if the dog is older (not a puppy) or if the dog is not a pure breed and often considered 'not right for adoption'.  Some will also be put down if no one adopts it over a period of time to make space for other incoming dogs.  

HKDR promises not to kill ANY dogs... even if no one comes to adopt them they will still take care of them for the rest of their life until they pass.  I found this to be a very honorable mission and something that requires quite a lot of RESOURCES to achieve.  

Being a volunteer dog-walker, I have witnessed how these dogs are being well taken care of (they are fed very well and are given the walks they need).  

I would therefore invite you to join me by donating to support the dogs... buying dog foods, medications, etc.  

THANK YOU SO MUCH in advance~

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