Personal Challenge

Do support me as I do a charity climb up Mount Kinabalu to raise funds to keep an Orang Asli (the indigenous people of Malaysia) running for 2 months!

My Story

This charity climb is a combination of two things that I am passionate about: sports and adventures, and doing things that add value to the society. 

Education is important and should ideally be accessible to all.  But there are challenges in reaching all.  According to statistics, between 32.8% and 43.9% of indigenous children dropped out of and failed to enter secondary school from 2001 to 2007.  That is more than 1 in out of 3 indigenous children.  That is like 1 out of your 3 good friends, 1 out of your 3 children, 1 out of your 3 students, or 1 our of your 3 clients, not making it past secondary school.  

I was a teacher for 2 years and I experienced for myself the importance of education.  I worked with students who are 6 years behind in literacy and numeracy, counselled students who had no will power to finish school because their own teachers called them "rubbish" (!), pacified students who spoke rudely and with such anger because they were abused at home, verbally and physically.  Without an environment to learn relevant knowledge to build themselves and their communities, we deprive them of choices that they could have had to better sustain themselves, or to exit poverty.

SUKA society has developed Empowered 2 Teach, a project that empowers the indigenous communities living in remote areas to start their own pre-school education classes within their villages.  They do this by equipping indigenous teachers recommended by their village leaders and has strong desire to educate children.  Using the project as a platform for their classroom, the teachers teach up to 25 young children on a regular basis. 

In this charity climb, I want to fundraise RM2,250 (or more).  That will mean that I raise RM250 per km of climb!  Why RM2,250? Raising RM500 will keep an Orang Asli pre-school running for a week, RM1,250 a month and RM2, 250 for 2 months.  And it will take 6 climbers to raise the same amount of moolah to keep the pre-school running for a year.  

You can help me to do this by dropping some ringgit for the climb.  It's a 9km up Mount KK and I would like to go up knowing that for every kilometer that I finish, I can help in a little way to run an Orang Asli pre-school for half a week. 

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  • Anonymous

    All the best for your climb, Tsuey! Jia you Jia you!

    MYR 250 03/31/2015 02:09:54 PM UTC

  • Go Teacher Tsuey!

    MYR 100 03/31/2015 07:04:25 AM UTC

  • KH

    MYR 100 03/26/2015 02:50:51 AM UTC

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