Hello FRIENDS, I am a donor and advocate of UNICEF Champions for children. Our small act of kindness today, can make a big difference to the world. Join me as I am raising funds for the organization that is very close to my heart. In advance, thank you for your generosity. 💙

My Story

Hi Everyone!

I am Roseleen Pelaez, an authorized face to face fundraiser from UNICEF. My journey as a donor and advocate of UNICEF Champions for Children is one of the best things that happened to me. To those people who knew me, I know you can testify that I am a person who always wanted to volunteer and give to other people. Regardless of how big and small it is - is one of the best things that you can contribute to the world.

I always believe that no matter who you are, where ever you are and what ever your status is, you can always make a big difference in the lives of many people who are in need. You can always share the LOVE to other people and touch their hearts.

"Don't just inspire to make a living, inspire to make a difference".

And with the ECQ implemented by our government, I am unable to do what I love most - which is to engage with people, tell them the important works of UNICEF for children.

In this kind of situation, I am still committed and want to help the organization and the people who are in need, in any possible way that I could. So I am here right now, knocking at your hearts, inviting you to join this fund raising campaign and hoping that we will raise funds for UNICEF Philippines. 

Together, Let's take a one small step to make a big difference today! Let's fight COVID-19 today!

UNICEF is supporting the DOH emergency response to help provide critical emergency supplies for our dear Health workers. With your contribution, UNICEF will be able to provide the immediate needs of our health workers and frontliners.

In today's situation, children are also one the most vulnerable. You can help them survive and thrive.

All donations made thru this platform will go DIRECTLY to UNICEF Philippines’ Bank Account remitted automatically by simplygiving. That you can check out, other past campaigns via this site like Anne Curtis various appeals etc. — ALL TO SHOW THAT THIS APPEAL IS REAL AND NOT BOGUS.

As a donor and a member of Champions for Children program of UNICEF can attest that this platform is SAFE AND SECURE. Also, my name can be found in our website at 

Again, I would like to thank you in advance for all the support and love. Thank you and Happy Giving! Stay Safe! God bless your heart as you bless the world 💙 #WEHEALASONE🇵🇭#UNICEFPHILIPPINES #foreverychild

Recent Donors

  • Nick de Fouw

    Keep up the good work Roseleen!

    EUR 10 05/22/2020 01:11:56 PM UTC

  • Krish L

    PHP 1,629 04/29/2020 02:42:24 PM UTC

  • Gem Villarmino

    I just want to thank everyone for doing something noble. And also, thank you for making me a part of your advocacy. Keep a healthy body, a strong spirit, and a mindful heart.

    PHP 2,000 04/29/2020 09:16:27 AM UTC

  • Akim Paolo Belena


    PHP 1,000 04/29/2020 05:17:38 AM UTC

  • Raymund Magampon

    PHP 500 04/28/2020 01:56:24 PM UTC

  • Anonymous

    USD 25 04/25/2020 07:36:59 PM UTC

  • Cedrick

    PHP 500 04/23/2020 11:44:15 AM UTC

  • A & Z ❤️

    Thank you to all our frontliners who continue to be our everyday heroes ❤️ Let us all fight this battle together. :)

    PHP 500 04/23/2020 02:26:11 AM UTC

  • Maria Arroyo

    PHP 300 04/20/2020 04:14:16 AM UTC

  • Berry Pacione

    Thank you for everything that you do for our country. May God continue to protect you and bless you. Stay strong and Stay safe, Frontliners. We salute you ❤

    PHP 500 04/19/2020 01:38:07 PM UTC

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