Celebrate my birthday with me by donating to The Hope Branch. Thank you for your love and support. It means the world to me.

My Story

Thirty six and thankful. If you know me well, you know how much I love celebrating my birthday. Not because of the gifts and the food, but because it is the time of year where I get to celebrate life with those I love most. This year, with Malaysia just coming out of lockdown, I'd like to celebrate my birthday by giving hot meals to those who need them most. The Hope Branch has mobilised kitchens in key cities across Malaysia, providing hot meals, groceries and personal care items to the homeless, the unemployed and Covid-19 patients who are under home quarantine and are unable to buy food for themselves. If, like me, you're feeling particularly grateful for having a roof over your head, a full belly and a steady income, please donate generously. This would be the best birthday gift I could ever hope for. I love you all.

Recent Donors

  • KC Lee

    Happy birthday, Sonia!

    MYR 75 08/30/2021 01:11:24 PM UTC

  • Kashini Krishna

    Happy Birthday Sonia ❤

    MYR 100 08/30/2021 10:33:54 AM UTC

  • Jon-Paul Best

    Hope you had a fantastic birthday! Lovely thing to do xx

    MYR 150 08/27/2021 08:24:44 AM UTC

  • Darshi Nathan

    MYR 75 08/26/2021 05:17:11 AM UTC

  • Khaliza Daem

    MYR 100 08/23/2021 08:44:46 AM UTC

  • Anonymous

    MYR 150 08/23/2021 06:50:03 AM UTC

  • Anonymous

    MYR 50 08/23/2021 05:06:49 AM UTC

  • Ride Chew

    Happy Birthday, Sonia!!

    MYR 50 08/23/2021 05:05:57 AM UTC

  • Roger Clark

    Happy Birthday Sonia, a wonderful thing to do 🥰.

    MYR 100 08/23/2021 04:03:40 AM UTC

  • Xana

    A Very Happy Birthday Sonia and thank you for your invitation to celebrate kindness!

    MYR 100 08/23/2021 03:50:20 AM UTC

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