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A few years ago a talented HK rugby player, Tony Ho, was killed shortly after attending Leeds University. He had previously attended Mount St. Mary's College near Sheffield, UK and during holidays he played for Kowloon RFC. After his untimely death his school set up the Tony Ho Rugby Camp each summer, led by coaches from the Natal Sharks and Kowloon RFC have been sending 15-20 HK children to participate. The HK children have been drawn from Kowloon Rugby Club, Sai Kung Stingrays and for the last two years Breakthrough Rugby Club. Breakthrough was chosen as we have a link with the senior club and our stronger players who want to play Premiership rugby, after graduating from colts rugby, are encouraged to join them. In addition Breakthrough has always been one of the recipient charities of the renowned Kowloon Rugby Fest. The Camp will be held  from 30 July to 3 August in 2018.

Breakthrough rugby club is part of Operation Breakthrough, a HK registered charity that uses sport to help children at risk and over the 14 years the rugby team have been running we have entered teams in the local colts events, introducing many local children to the game and its fantastic values. The charity is run by serving and ex-HK policemen, so it also helps to strengthen the ties between young people in the local community and the Force. Although our prime aim is to us sport to change lives and it is all about participating, it never hurts to have some success and we have had many children play in HK representative teams at all levels and are particularly proud that 18 of the kids from the rugby section have gone on to join the HK Police. Of the boys who were among those who have previously attended the MSM Camp, two are currently in the HK U-19 team.

Over the years the cost of attending the camp has grown but we see this as a fantastic opportunity for the children to not only participate in a great rugby camp, which improves their rugby skills, but also a chance to see the UK and learn something about the country and its culture. Consequently rather than cut back on the numbers we have been asking the boys to contribute towards their trip. Unfortunately for many of the Breakthrough boys this would put the camp beyond their reach and so they are entering in the Standard Chartered 10 km race and are looking for sponsors.

Standard Chartered Bank are also Breakthrough's rugby section's title sponsor and they have kindly given us 10 free places in the 10 Km run on 21 January 2018, on the same day as the HK Marathon. Gunny our head coach and nine of the boys who are in contention to attend the camp have signed up and they are now looking for support.

Please give generously to this cause. If you want to see more about Breakthrough you can visit our website at

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