There's no vaccine for hunger... but there is a solution if we act now! With your donation today, you’re helping homeless and B40 communities in areas with urban poverty.

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While many of us enjoy the pleasure of cooking satisfying meals at home as well as dining out, there are a plethora of people—many of them children—in Malaysia that do not get enough to eat. The recent storm of COVID-19 has further exacerbated food insecurity among low-income households and is pushing some to the brink of famine. 
For our project, we’ll be associating with The Hope Branch that distributes about 1,500 cooked meals a week, with a focus on the homeless and B40 communities in areas with urban poverty in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur.  The NGO also distributes food to families living in People’s Housing Project (PPR) flats such as PPR Pantai Dalam, PPR Shah Alam, PPR Lembah Subang, PPR Kota Damansara and PPR Jinjang. 

“We are trying very hard to keep this sustainable. We get patrons who have lost their jobs, single mothers or hawkers to cook the fresh meals so that they have an ongoing income.”
- The Hope Branch 

Hunger doesn't have to exist — let's end it together! 

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