Several times a year, HK NGO, Crossroads runs its signature simulation event: Global Survivor. I've signed up to commit to this 24 hour programme in which participants briefly step ‘into the shoes’ of those who face the challenges of war, poverty, homelessness, corruption and other global needs. As well as the simulations, the event will provide an opportunity to explore high-level, cross-sector strategies to bring possible solutions to these challenges. Thanks in advance for your support.

My Story

I've been based in Hong Kong for over 10 years working with garment and footwear manufacturers across Asia. Many of these factories are located in countries and areas with underprivileged communities. We partner with our suppliers to give back to these communities in multiple ways: from building schools and libraries to donating garments and providing meals. There is something bigger here then just building shirts and shoes. It's about creating opportunities that can change people's lives for the better.

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