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Blueprint is dedicated to do "Whatever It Takes" to give back to the community. This time we are looking out for those who are suffering from mental burnout.

My Story

Blueprint is supporting Mind HK and raising funds for those who are struggling with their mental health problems so that they don't have to deal with it alone. You can change the face of the community's mental health and save lives simply by taking turns to ride on the bike. All money raised will go to the Mind HK.  Take on the challenge, spin with us or just donate!

Recent Donors

  • cathy

    Go go go!!!

    HKD 500 11/05/2021 06:14:56 AM UTC

  • Aly, Lexi and Ollie

    HKD 500 11/05/2021 05:04:33 AM UTC

  • Eurica Lo

    HKD 500 11/03/2021 01:22:40 AM UTC

  • Vinci

    HKD 500 11/03/2021 12:24:39 AM UTC

  • Eric T

    bike your butts off for mental health awareness!

    HKD 1,000 11/02/2021 03:37:45 PM UTC

  • Bobo Leung

    HKD 500 11/02/2021 02:26:30 PM UTC

  • White Hat Guys

    Let's put the COOL in COOmpLiance!

    HKD 500 11/02/2021 11:46:54 AM UTC

  • Amin Kassam

    HKD 800 11/02/2021 09:55:48 AM UTC

  • Michael Yeung


    HKD 500 10/28/2021 02:19:21 AM UTC

  • Wen

    HKD 500 10/28/2021 02:09:28 AM UTC

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