Welcome to PawCare, a fundraising initiative that aims to provide care and support for animals in need.

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We are students of Diploma in International Business from Tunku Abdul Rahman University Management and Technology, we'll be organizing a fundraising campaign for 5 organisation which is:
  1. Mount Miriam Cancer Hospital
  2. SPCA Penang
  3. St. Nicholas Home
  4. Kechara Soup Kitchen
  5. Pertubuhan Pembela Kucing Pulau Pinang
The rapid emergence of the Covid19 pandemic has caught the world by storm and shook the global economy and government. Nations and individuals have encountered numerous adversities, including unemployment, insolvency, etc. In turn, this has resulted in a decline in total donations to charitable organisations. Because to the cessation of donations, the current pandemic has had a significant impact on the day-to-day essentials required to run NGOs. With the aid of TARUMT and the kindness of the people, we, the students of DIN G2, would want to offer our assistance and make contributions to all five organisations that are battling the pandemic. We believe in all five of the organization's missions and visions to improve the lives of the disadvantaged, and we believe that the disadvantaged should be given the opportunity to fight for a brighter future. Hence, in the name of "PawCare". We will receive donations through "Simply Giving," a non-profit platform that transfers contributions directly to charitable organisations. We will inspire individuals to make a difference in the world by promoting our fundraising drive on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram over the course of seven weeks. Our minimum fundraising goal is RM2,000; the final amount will be donated to all five participating organisations. Lastly, regardless of the result of the fundraising efforts We hope that our efforts and contributions will improve the lives of the less fortunate.

As animal lovers, we understand the importance of providing a safe and healthy environment for all creatures, great and small. Unfortunately, many animals are abandoned, mistreated, or left to suffer due to neglect or lack of resources. This is where PawCare comes in - we are dedicated to raising funds and awareness to help improve the lives of animals and ensure that they receive the care they deserve. Our mission is to work with animal shelters, rescue organisations, and other animal welfare groups to provide essential resources such as food, shelter, medical care, and other necessities.By supporting PawCare, you can help make a difference in the lives of animals and make our world a better place for all living creatures. Join us in our efforts to provide PawCare and create a better future for animals in need.

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