We are final year students @ Sunway College, trying to raise fund to support autistic youths at ACP to completing the renovation of the upcoming cafe and the establishment of their central kitchen.

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'Aumazing People', A group of passionate students in the final year at Sunway College, who are currently taking Applied Business Challenge and we chose to continue to assist a social enterprise, Autism Cafe Project (ACP). Therefore, we are organizing a social awareness and fundraising campaign called ‘Au-mazing Campaign'. 

About ACP, it is a local cafe located in Shah Alam, Malaysia and has opened since 2016. It was founded by Mr Adli Yahya and this cafe is run by the youth with ASD, where they can have a safe space to work. This cafe provides training to the youth with ASD, such as preparing the meals, helping to decorate the product that will be sold, sell the product, etc. and hope it will enhance their communication and necessary skills that could bring more employment opportunities for the youth with ASD in the community.

Our goals for this year, to completing the renovation of the upcoming cafe and central kitchen in Da Men Mall. Also, to be able to purchase some kitchen equipment for ACP. The ACP's main earning source is catering, therefore the completion of the establishment of the central kitchen is crucial for them to be able to make dishes in their workspace.

(1) "Aumazing Charity Auction" period is over but if you are interested, you still can purchase or make an offer!
The artworks for the auction are made by the passionate autistic artists, Danial Kushairi and Haziq Zaharudin.
Go to this link to check out the artworks we auctioned:
(2) We are selling ACP's products such as natural Soap, T-shirt, and Tote Bag. If you spend more than RM35 (without shipping fee), you'll get a free gift from us. Click the link to check out the product's availability:

*100% of proceeds will be donated to this simply giving page and the donations will be used to renovate the upcoming cafe where the workers are the youth with Autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Your participation in our activities and donations are greatly appreciated by us! Thank you for making this world a beautiful place🌎🌍🌏♥💛💚💙💜🧩

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