We are final year Victoria University (Sunway College, KL Campus) students, trying to raise funds for Autism Cafe' Project (ACP) for the establishment of their central kitchen.

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Au-mazing People; a group of final year students from Victoria University (Sunway College, KL Campus) who are currently undertaking a capstone unit called Applied Business Challenge (ABC). We are invested to assist a social enterprise called Autism Café Project (ACP). Thus, we are organising a fundraiser and social awareness campaign in collaboration with ACP called the ‘Au-mazing Campaign’. 

ACP is a local born café which is run by Mr Adli and has 7 permanent and 14 part time youths with Autism Spectrum disorder (ASD). These youths play a crucial role in the operation of the café as the meals are prepared by them. Currently, they prepare the meals at their respective homes as they don’t have a common space to prepare it together. The prepared food is then brought to the café where it is sold/catered.

Our goal is to enable ACP to establish a central kitchen which will pave way for the youths to have a common space in which they could all master the dishes at the same time. Catering is one of ACP's core businesses. Hence, the establishment of a central kitchen is crucial as it will enable the youths with ASD to more employment opportunities in the community. 

By donating to the cause, you would be lending a helping hand for the youths with ASD at the café to establish a central kitchen and thus make a difference!  

Please support us with your kind donation and help us make this a HUGE success!

Your kind contribution is highly appreciated.

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    all the best to Vivek & team

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    Keep outdoing yourself, Vivek! God bless you and your team!

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    Good job to you, Vivek and your amazing team!

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    Great work Damien! :D

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