Please join me raise fund for the charity causes I am supporting!

My Story

Dear friends and supporters,
I am thrilled to announce that I will be running my 5th marathon at the Berlin Marathon this September 2024! I dedicate 6 days a week for prepping myself for this race, I am hoping for a good finish time and hopefully I run my Personal Best, wish me luck!

This incredible opportunity not only challenges me physically but also allows me to support 3 amazing charities! I've teamed up with Jeff, who is running all 6 World Marathon Majors this year, to raise funds for these great causes. Your generosity can make a real difference in the lives of those in need. Please consider donating and help us reach our fundraising goals. Every contribution, no matter how small, will have a meaningful impact. Thank you for your support and encouragement on my running journey!

More details on the 3 charity bodies:
  • charity: water - We’re building a well for a village in South East Asia, providing a clean and sustainable water supply
  • Home Of Hope – We’re providing education, care and support for adults and children from underprivileged communities affected by cancer in Malaysia     
  • Suka Society – We’re helping the rehabilitation process for Malaysian children that have been trafficked overseas

Recent Donors

  • Anonymous

    You go mummy meow 🫶🏼

    MYR 50 07/17/2024 05:50:44 AM UTC

  • Wildann Zulhairi

    MYR 150 07/16/2024 11:21:37 AM UTC

  • D Seling

    MYR 200 07/14/2024 04:12:50 AM UTC

  • Kepen

    Sub 4 hour marathon here we go!!

    MYR 50 07/09/2024 03:38:44 AM UTC

  • Lila

    Just to get you started Sue! All the best! I know you can do it.

    MYR 300 07/09/2024 01:51:24 AM UTC