I'm making a difference by raising money for all the poverty and child abuse victims in Malaysia. We are wishing to give them a better life. Please give us a hand by donating.

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Please watch the promotional video with the link below ;
Suriana Welfare Society Malaysia is one of the non-profit organizations that stood out from the rest while we were researching our Community Outreach Assignment. As we gained an understanding of the organization through social media, we decided to help them by creating a promotional fund-raising video.

We started by contacting the chairman of Suriana, Mr. James Nayagam.

He agreed to meet us and we presented our plan.

We discussed the requirements of Suriana and how we intended to present their needs in our promotional fund-raising video.

We invite you to view our completed video and also respectfully request your kind donations to their appeal for funds. The target for this student project is RM5,000

You can also donate directly into the Suriana bank account using account number "512361505370 (MAYBANK)", please use quote "poverty patrol" when donating so they know it was a result of our video

Thank you.

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    Great to see such initiatives by vibrant, young people.

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