I'm making a difference by raising money for a cause close to my heart. Please support me by donating.

My Story

Hello, my name is Zahirah and I’m one of the fundraisers for the annual Spicy Noodle Challenge! 🤑🍜 The funds raised will be fully utilised to facilitate Inspire Sea IX camp 🌊✨
So here’s how you can help: 
1. Click the link on my bio to head to my SimplyGiving page
2. Make a donation of your liking
3. At the end of the challenge, we, the committee members would be on zoom to broadcast the challenge LIVE!
Breakdown of pledges, if I raise:
RM 100 - Samyang carbonara version
RM 200 - Samyang 1x spicy level
RM 300 - Samyang 2x spicy level 
RM 500 - Samyang 3x spicy level 
RM 700 - Samyang 3x spicy level + chilli powder
Lifelines can also be pledged by captioning the donated amounts with either:
Package A: 1 egg (RM20)
Package B: 1 slice of cheese (RM30)
Package C: 1 cup of warm water (RM40)
Package D: 1 cup of milk (RM 50) 
Package E: 1 can of yoghurt (RM70)
The more you donate, the spicier it gets! 🥵

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    JPY 1,000 04/12/2020

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    MYR 10 02/12/2020

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    MYR 10 02/12/2020

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    Good lat

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    MYR 11 01/12/2020

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    go zahirah!! <333

    EUR 10 01/12/2020

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    MYR 10 01/12/2020

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    MYR 10 01/12/2020

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