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The Tuyang Initiative

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The Tuyang Initiative

An award-winning social enterprise and community-led creative and arts management company, focused on Dayak (Borneo indigenous) cultural heritage. The aim is to generate meaningful livelihood for cultural custodians and in leading efforts in its continuity. This is done by facilitating capacity building and participation into the Creative & Cultural industries through strategic industry partnerships.

The founding team (Juvita Tatan Wan & John Wan Usang) has cumulatively more than 40 years in multinational corporate, regional experience in industries such as advertising, music & entertainment, telecommunications and oil & gas, in capacities such as film production, business development, product marketing and retail. As indigenous people themselves, they feel the importance to use their privilege in finding solutions for the wider community in the efforts to ensure livelihood generation in tandem with cultural continuity.

With strategic partners, Tuyang jointly develop and deliver key products and services that provide impactful encounters for cultural custodians, with mainstream audiences. 

Simultaneously, this encourages the custodians, especially those based in rural areas, to gain industry-relevant skill sets through on-the-job training, so they can be considered as cultural entrepreneurs and leaders in the effort themselves.

The Tuyang Initiative is proudly based in Miri, Sarawak (Borneo - Malaysia) since 2017.

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