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Safe Water Gardens (SWG) Pte Ltd

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Safe Water Gardens (SWG) Pte Ltd


for all the world's villagers, by 2030


  • 400 Indonesian children die, every single day, on account of sanitation;
  • almost 40% of Indonesian children suffer from stunted growth
  • living in a smelly house (that is dangerous for children) affects dignity and self-esteem
  • bad sanitation marks the biggest inequality between village people and city people

The solution: The Safe Water Garden (SWG) 

  • developed by world-class universities, based on a UNICEF model
  • officially the world's most cost-efficient sanitation system – after the Indonesian government recognised it officially as part of its national standards early 2000
  • it prevents diseases resulting from open-air contact with human waste
  • it lifts social status – the house no longer smells & features a beautiful garden
  • it improves life quality – the system is maintenance-free & children can safely play in the garden
  • it enhances spiritual well-being – a clean environment speaks to religious beliefs
  • it generates a steady income – by growing chili in the garden, thus saving 5-20% of household income
  • it reduces household losses by up to 20% – from reduced medical/maintenance bills
  • it positively impacts the global environment – the system reduces the release of organics and nutrients
  • it promotes local ownership – buildable in one day, the SWG is an asset for life for a rural family/school

How is your money spent? (1€ = SG$ 1.50)

  • Every € 1,000 = 1 SWG + 1 kitchen sink (so villagers don’t need to dishes in the toilet)
  • Every € 2,000 = 1 SWG + 1 new toilet & kitchen sink + 1 running water system + 1 clean water filter + 1 handphone + 1 micro-farming start-up fund
  • We list the families on our website, with their GPS locations, in tandem with this donation counter
  • You can e-meet the family over Zoom and see the construction and impact first-hand!
  • You can elect to help the families further by designing a healthy diet on € 0.10 per meal and by preparing them to run a homestay, so you can visit them when COVID is over

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