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Kairos Agriculture has just launched the First Smart Vanilla Farm in Penang, Malaysia that adopts Agriculture 4.0 technologies including Internet of things (IOT), Big Data, AI and Machine Learning. This leading Permatang Pauh Agro-Park and Integrated Eco-Farm currently sits on 6 acres of land leased from Chief Minister Incorporated (CMI) Penang at the border of Penanti Penang and Lunas Kedah, will have Vanilla as its anchor crop and complimented by other premium cash crops, herbs and spices. Kairos Agriculture adopts various energy and resources-saving smart farming technologies in the farm which ranges from the chemical-free planting, recycling use of crop residue as compost, production of Efficient Microbes (EM) with the fruit waste collected from local wet market, automated irrigation system whereby the irrigation system will be activated automatically when the weather is hot and humidity is low with just a click away anytime and anywhere, rainwater harvesting system and full-LED usage in the farm.

Kairos Agriculture believes Vanilla is the latest trend in agriculture industry. Vanilla is a high value crop that has transacted up to RM6Billion in 2018. We have two World Top Vanilla Species: Vanilla Planifolia and Vanilla Tahitensis in our Vanilla farm. We plant, we harvest, we process the Vanilla locally. We also had our Vanillas tested by a Japan flavoring company and we are honoured that our product has passed the Japan Food Safety Act and they are looking forward to exploring the Vanilla Supply from Malaysia. Our Malaysia First Vanilla Extract is also available for sale in the market now. 

In addition to the existing Smart Farming Technologies, Kairos Agriculture strives in its Research & Development (R&D) whereby the R&D team has come up with a Vanilla Portable Module prototype which we are planning to collaborate further to help contribute to the local B40 families by providing them all-in-one package, from Module Structure, seedling fertilizer, training and planting method. We made planting easy, Everyone Can Plant! For long-term R&D planning, Kairos Agriculture is planning on its R&D on the development and/or improvisation of the software that could collect and generate comprehensive data for better-quality and faster growing yield. With the collection of comprehensive database for optimum Vanilla plantation in Malaysia, Kairos Agriculture aims to collaborate to turn Northern Region as National Vanilla Plantation Hub in Malaysia to one of the key Vanilla domestic supply in Malaysia and potential export for the country economic growth. 

On 15th October 2020, Kairos Agriculture managed to introduce SPACE GARDEN - (The World First Organic Terrarium Vegetable Grow Box) with our social impact partner PWD Smart FarmAbility. SPACE GARDEN is officially launched by governor of Penang His Excellency Tun Dato’ Seri Utama (Dr.) Haji Abdul Rahman bin Haji Abbas. The Organic Vegetable is a decentralized food-production unit that is self-watering, self-regenerative with soil biology which brings fresh, nutritious, live, UNREFRIGERATED vegetables at the comfort of your one's home without them being a farmer. For the society, this means making nutritious food and meaningful jobs available for the marginalized communities. For earth, this terrarium raises awareness on zero carbon in terms of food miles, food waste, refrigeration, plastic use, land use, fertilizer use, and water use. 

Kairos Agriculture believes in TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More) whereby we collaborate resources from the skills, experience and the network of our founders, mentors, expert farmers and Agriculture 4.0 technology practitioners, State Government and any possible partners with the aligned goals for the benefit of the community and bring transformation to the agriculture industry with the adoption and continuous improvisation of smart farming technology. 

Kairos Agriculture envisions to be a leading chemical free integrated farm in Asia and aims to be a role model for young people to participate in agriculture through smart farming to increase the export rate of our national agriculture. Malaysia, despite being blessed by fertile land and great weather, imports food worth RM52Billion every year. Such humongous figure is mind-blown; but viewed in another way, this presents tremendous opportunities and incentives for public and private stakeholders to work together to support win-win, high yield, precision initiatives empowered by the latest IR 4.0 technologies.

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