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Herculean Climate Solutions

Herculean Climate Solutions is searching for ways to stop the climate crisis. We are determined to find a thousand ways to do a million tonnes of carbon dioxide abatement per year, but we need your help to get off the ground.

We know that renewable energy generation and tree-planting are not enough to fix this problem by themselves. Our only hope of helping global temperatures below critical levels is for carbon emissions of all kinds to stop as soon as possible, and critically, for carbon dioxide be drawn out of the atmosphere. 

At HCS, we are no strangers to innovating. Our founders, Steve Willis and Jerry Joynson, have worked in technical and innovative environments within large industrial organisations for more than 60 years collectively. They have a passion for finding solutions to big problems, constantly evolving and creating new ideas and applying existing technologies where they are needed most.

Our mission at HCS is to find and implement solutions tailored to the needs of different companies and industries. We will be doing what nobody else has attempted at this scale: finding solutions for the biggest problem society has yet faced, and carrying them out on an industrial scale.

Our vision is of a world where the atmospheric CO2 concentration is not just no longer rising, but is falling, where industries will be dealing with their carbon emissions at the source and rejuvenation programmes have helped rebuild ecosystems both above and below the water. Please visit us at to find out more about our mission and other ways to help.

As a Social Enterprise, HCS is in support of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, with particular emphasis on Goal 13: Climate Action. HCS believes that without addressing the climate crisis there will be no future for future generations.

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