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Educate A Child through CerDik 

 As a social enterprise, inspiraComm Sdn Bhd, is raising funds to conduct an educational empowerment programme called CerDik to nurture personal development and motivate underprivileged children from B40 and Orang Asli communities.

Since 2020, these students have missed classes as schools closed and were left behind in online classes due to lack of access to the internet and mobile devices.  

The objective of this programme is to guide, motivate and encourage learning using different approaches focusing on life, literacy and learning skills, for 15 sessions, to prepare the students for their school exams, reduce absenteeism and drop out rates in secondary school.  

We include fun activities to encourage them to be innovative and to think outside of the box.  Our programme is a bridge between traditional teaching methods and experiential learning, a bridge between knowledge and application, a bridge between schools and communities and in the future, a bridge between nations.

We have developed strong partnerships with respective communities, schools, companies and government agencies. All our programmes are endorsed by the Selangor Education Department and Kuala Lumpur Education Department.  Since 2018 - 2020, we have impacted over 500 children and youths. 

Thank you for your support in giving these children an opportunity to gain access to quality education.

A small contribution from you can change their lives for a better future.

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