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Ajmal Samuel Foundation

UPDATE : 14/07 Canadian, Finnish, Dutch, Manulife, Colliers will experience hand-biking first hand. Join us -
UPDATE : 09/07 Come join Training #2 
UPDATE : 06/07 Lululemon agreed to support our Disable+Able-bodied Team K2K !
UPDATE : 28/06 Naeem, our Pakistani correspondent flew over to liaise with Pakistani clubs!
UPDATE : 20/06 Training #1 over 350km cycled - we lost count how many joined us over 48hrs
UPDATE : 01/06 This page officially launched

ASF promotes diversity and inclusion especially though physical engagement among the disabled and able bodied. Ajmal Samuel, the founder,  is a prominent entrepreneur, national level sculling athlete and, for the past 35 years, a paraplegic. He is also totally into endurance sports! Following an amazing 'Krakin' thru China' fundraiser ride in 2019, that covered 2,315.17 km over 37 days, and in which Ajmal, along with other disabled riders, as well as with the able bodied, rode from Beijing to Mohe, a border town near the China-Russia border...

Ajmal wants to do something similar again!

So now we have the Kashgar 2 Karachi (K2K) endurance ride. In August this year, Ajmal and his team will hand-bike 31 days for more than 3,000km, from Kashgar, China to Karachi. Just as with the ‘Krakin’ ride, the riders will once again engage with local communities, disability associations and other help groups on every stop. They will once again share the inclusive message that disability is not about what one cannot do, but rather, it is about how together, challenges can be overcome. Videos and personal testimonies of those who took part will be the highlight! Ajmal and the team will also host workshops, camp fires, and other events where they will share their stories, and encourage both the disabled and the able bodied to leave stereotypes behind, embrace positivity and be active!

K2K, like the ‘Krackin’ Trip is to build awareness for what disabled athletes, along with many others, can actually accomplish, while also giving back to the community. What the team learnt is that this is not just about overcoming physical challenges, but it is actually about sharing the feat with others: it is incredibly moving and inspiring, and even spiritually fulfilling for everyone involved.

YOU can participate in this crazy ride too. You can witness their efforts online and help us FUNDRAISE ONLINE too.

Funds raised will be earmarked for Direction Association for the Handicapped (DAH) DAH is the ASF's beneficiary of choice as their mission and values closely align with that of the ASF. Since 1986, while they built a platform where members practiced the spirit of mutual-help and information sharing so members could re-integrate back into the broader community, they never stopped promoting physical activity amongst the wheelchair bound. This is exactly what ASF is striving for -- just take a look at the pictures below! It is no surprise that in 2022, DAH was named a partner in a HK$10million charitable program by the AIA Foundation.

With another successful fundraising event, the Ajmal Samuel Foundation (ASF) plans to make this a signature annual project of the foundation. Who knows where and how far Ajmal and the team will go next year, or the year after, or even after that … The Ajmal Samuel Foundation (ASF) aims to make an impact fundraising for worthy charities and support a global effort to spread the message of inclusion for both the physically challenged and able bodied. It’s not just about being physical together, it is about setting achievable targets, going at it together for that noble, common cause --- anything is possible, together! Being disabled does not mean you do not get to enjoy life any less or achieve any lesser feats.

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