1 English man, 40hours of trail running - 2,400 minutes exactly - in Soc Son, outside of Hanoi on 15th of January! This is what Nicholas Prince has set himself to RUN as a somewhat crazy challenge to fundraise for School On The Boat, the NGO he volunteers for!

My Story

Meet Nicholas Prince, 35 years of age, born and raised in Leicestershire, England, currently living in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Nicholas has recently been a volunteer for School On The Boat, teaching fitness games and outdoor activities to the kids of the program. His biggest advice for the children he teaches is: ‘Try every sport once, they all benefit each other!’.

This is probably why he has tried them all, all over the world: volleyball in an orphanage in Nepal, Cricket with the taxi drivers on the streets of Delhi, Clay court Tennis in Pokhara, under the Annapurna mountain range, Badminton in the back yards of Goa, Boule in the colorful gardens of Paris, tennis on the island of Elba, Italy. Runclubs in Bristol, Triathlon in England and Wales, Tag rugby in north London, 5 a side football in Hanoi, canoe racing in Halong Bay.

But most of all, he runs:

To him, running means exploring the local area, exploring and seeing amazing and wonderful thing such as the rivers of Saigon, the lantern lite streets of Hoi An, Kep national park in Cambodia, the rivers of Kampot, to the Ancient ruins of Angkor Wat, the dusty streets of Siem Reap, the bridges of Don Det, the beaches of Koh Rong Samloem up 100’s of steps to the golden buddhas in Cambodia, and waterfall chasing in Laos on the Bolaven Plateau.

His family is his inspiration and his hero’s: five brothers and two amazing sisters.

They share and learn together: everybody needs heroes, they are his. Especially his identical twin brother Edward, “he’s like no other.. and at the same time identical to me. He’s shown me that we are capable of unimaginable feats of endurance, time and time again.. and that putting your hand in the fire can reveal your true potential, especially when you're down to skin and bone 20+ hours into an endurance challenge.

Here's all you need to know about our trail hero:

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    Katie mccullagh told me about the great work you are doing to help educate children of VN, well done

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    Congratulations on this crazy effort!!

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    Well done!!

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    For the best school on the boat team, and the great effort of Nicholas 💪🏽

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    You are a legend mate ⛰ 🏃‍♂️

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