Help us spay and neuter more dogs and cats in Siargao.

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Our foundation will be in Siargao, for our very first outreach mission in coordination with Nay Palad Hideaway resort and Puppy Puddle Siargao.

We are asking for your support to sponsor and donate for the dogs and cats of Siargao. 

We are raising funds for our plane ticket, anesthesia and medical supplies. 

Recent Donors

  • Carmela Bugarin

    PHP 4,000 07/28/2018 05:34:06 PM UTC

  • Sasha

    Get a better life puppies 💜

    PHP 1,000 07/28/2018 03:14:54 AM UTC

  • Kaye A

    PHP 500 07/27/2018 03:56:43 AM UTC

  • Oz yulo


    PHP 10,000 07/25/2018 03:17:16 PM UTC

  • Estelle Kjellander

    Good work ❤️

    PHP 1,000 07/25/2018 09:45:45 AM UTC

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