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73 storeys, 1336 steps: Save the Tigers!

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Do you believe in a sustainable ecosystem? I've been a long time WWF supporter precisely because of the question above, and for the longest time, been searching for something worthwhile for me to do. There are only 3,200 tigers left in the wild today purely due to human's greed. I feel, it's time for me to give back. I asked some friends what would they pay to see me do. After a couple of days brainstorming, I've decided to participate in a Vertical Marathon. Info below: On 24 November 2013, I will be running in the Swissotel Vertical Marathon 2013 in Singapore. Why this? Firstly, I dislike marathons as I had a knee injury before. But I enjoy climbing stairs, so what's a better union of sports that a vertical marathon? Secondly, I hope to reach out to as many sports enthusiasts as possible to donate to the i For Tigers Campaign. This is my pledge to WWF's i For Tigers Campaign:- for the next 60 days, I will dedicate time and effort and sponsor my own training so that I complete the marathon. All I'm asking you is to contribute to WWF's i For Tigers Campaign as a sign of cheering me on. No amount too big or too small. Spread the words, spread it far! Through you can make safe and secure donations to sponsor me. The proceeds of your support are immediately sent directly to my charity. Using this given platform is really simple and most importantly it's also a really cost efficient way for the charity to raise funds. My page allows you to follow my progress; share it with friends; voice encouragement or even join me and get involved yourself! I thank you for your generosity and for your support! Shee Li, Kuang P/S: Photos of the Vertical Marathon will be posted on Facebook after the run.

Recent Donors

  • Elaine Tan

    Congratulations Shee Li for your fantastic effort!

    SGD 50 11/26/2013 04:35:49 PM UTC

  • Connie K

    We will be cheering for you from where we are!! Just do it, girl!!

    SGD 50 11/13/2013 11:42:37 AM UTC

  • Tina

    Jiayou Shee Li! Climb on ;)

    SGD 30 11/01/2013 02:04:43 PM UTC

  • Grace Ong

    SGD 100 10/22/2013 09:52:26 PM UTC

  • mulchiefan

    This is for the tigers! Go sis!

    SGD 100 10/22/2013 05:58:31 PM UTC

  • Kevin

    SGD 60 10/09/2013 06:46:57 PM UTC

  • Jo-Anne Chew

    Gambatee!! ;)

    SGD 100 10/08/2013 08:36:39 PM UTC

  • Yee Sian

    Good luck, my fren!

    SGD 100 10/07/2013 06:50:24 PM UTC

  • Chanel

    "Ka Yaw"!!

    SGD 100 10/02/2013 01:43:03 PM UTC

  • Karen Clifford

    Good Luck! At least it's all downhill on the way down!!!

    SGD 100 10/02/2013 10:54:03 AM UTC

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