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While still in the grip of the pandemic, my birthday is coming up this month, and I plan to donate for a feeding program to Children's Foundations and daycare centers across the Philippines while also secretly donating to this organization during this time. Let's get this going!

Donations will go to the Save the Children's hunger & malnutrition campaign.

We can help and support children from daycare centers in the Philippines through feeding programs so they do not suffer severe malnutrition. By addressing short-term hunger, decreasing nutrient deficiency, improving attendance and school performance, and encouraging healthy eating habits. We can feed one child for a day for US$ 0.90. With your support, we are determined to achieve even more significant progress in promoting and protecting the rights of children.  If you would like to get in touch or email us. 

Your donations will help us to provide malnutrition treatment to poor communities.

  #SavetheChildrenPH #ForAndWithChildren

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