Hays Specialist Recruitment Japan is committed to supporting our local community and have selected You Me We as our main charity partner for FY20. In Japan, about 30,000 children live in institutionalized homes and orphanages. YouMeWe is an inspiring non-profit organization that provides support, training and upskilling in communication, digital literacy, job skills and more for orphans in Japan. The aim is to ready them for the next stage in their lives and ultimately become socially-skilled, independent adults. In support of our Corporate Social Responsibility program, an ambitious group of Hays Japan employees will scale the magnificent Mount Fuji to raise funds for our charity partner on the 5th - 6th of September (overnight).

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    All the best! Shihoko and Miki :)

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    For children!

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    Good luck Seung!

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    For children! :)

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    For the kids!

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