We are making a difference by raising money for a cause close to our heart - Love Kuching Project. Please support us by donating to this worthy cause. No amount is a small amount. About Love Kuching Project - Love Kuching Project is a community-based cat rescue group in Singapore that focuses on the following cat welfare objectives. Rescue of Cats in Need - Rehabilitation of cats at risk such as injured or critically ill strays. Their main focus is on stray cats that are ill or injured, or young kittens that need human intervention to survive but have no other fostering options. Apart from veterinary care, they also believe in holistic care through the use of supplements and essential oils. Adoption of Pet Cats - Providing adoption opportunities for the cats that they rescue and rehabilitate and raising awareness of pet adoption. Their adoptable kittens and cats are trained and socialised and if the public wish to adopt, they can match the right cat to your household and lifestyle. Their foster cats are also exposed to cats of all ages. Education - Sharing and informing to better educate the public on cats as companion animals. Apart from their social media platforms, they also have outreach programmes such as Feline Therapy for seniors in hospitals and nursing homes, to not only provide human patients with therapy but also to promote the love of cats amongst seniors. They conduct cat care talks and also have a pro bono cat behaviour management service in which they help owners with problematic behaviour in pet cats in exchange for a free will donation. Love Kuching Project is registered under Registry of Societies as Love Kuching Project, UEN Number: T13SS0220G For more details on Love Kuching Project, please click on the following link:

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Our team comes from 3 different generations - the 20's, 30's and 40's and from different walk of life. And eventhough our background are diversified, we put our heads together and agree on this on-going fundraising project to raise fund and create awareness for Love Kuching Project.

About Us
Guet Ghee is a university student who enjoys reading and drawing. Taking part in sports events was a hobby she didn't know she would take up until she met Marinna, who encouraged her to pursue a more holistic lifestyle. She has volunteered at ACRES, a wildlife reserve, a cat's home, and TOUCH Community Services.

Life of a Manufacturing Supervisor squeezes Irman's brain to achieve the best solution. Running is his way to help de-stress and re-energize. Apart from that, being grateful and positive thinking helps him to create a balance life and drive him on with everyday challenges.

Since her school days Marinna have been participating actively in athletics, especially cross-country and long distance running. She have been participating in different running events locally and overseas - marathons, ultras, trails and obstacle races. Apart from that, she enjoy drinking coffee, volunteering, reading. She have worked for a non-profit organisation, rescuing and rehabilitating wildlife, educating the society through talks and roadshows. She was in-charged of the Community Outreach department and have volunteered for different non-profit organisation - Singapore Adventure Club (SAC), Mercy Relief, Cat Welfare Society.

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