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Hello everyone!

December and January are undeniably my two favorite months of the year because my family and friends usually would have to buy me TWO different presents; one for Christmas and one for my birthday! 
However, for Christmas this year and for my upcoming 25th birthday, I'm asking for donations to SUKA Society ( This organization focuses on protecting human trafficking survivors, advocating for children that are affected by detention and also providing greater access to education for indigenous children.

I've chosen this nonprofit because their mission means so much to me! I've had the privilege of celebrating 24 birthdays, and for the iconic number #25, I hope you'll consider contributing as a way to celebrate with me! 

I'm running this fundraiser 25 days before my birthday (January 5) and it will start on December 11, 2018 and ends on January 4, 2019 at 11:59 p.m. EST. I have set my fundraising goal at MYR1000 (USD250), but I believe we can do it! 
Please consider donating to this fundraiser, and if you have any questions, write me somehow on any platforms and I will be happy to answer!

Thanks everyone!


Recent Donors

  • Venmo Donation #20 and #21 - Sydney Sundell and Yves Amornyard

    USD 20 05/01/2019

  • John Phillips

    MYR 100 05/01/2019

  • Venmo Donation #19 - Andrea Lindenmuth

    USD 10 04/01/2019

  • Meg Guo

    HBD influencer!!

    USD 25 04/01/2019

  • Sania Sahmat

    MYR 140 04/01/2019

  • Venmo Donation #18 - Brandi Templeton

    USD 20 04/01/2019

  • Noorfaiqah Ibrahim

    USD 20 03/01/2019

  • Venmo Donation $16 and #17 - Nick Pauley and Lucas Rowe

    USD 15 01/01/2019

  • Jacob Reinhard

    USD 10 31/12/2018

  • Anonymous

    MYR 15 28/12/2018

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