I am raising money for a cause that is very important to myself, and the team at Sai Kung Stray Friends Foundation over in Hong Kong. Every dollar donated is contributed towards life-saving vet procedures, food, tick and worming products etc. Any help is appreciated and every dollar counts 🐾

My Story

Soon I will be heading back over to Hong Kong,  before I arrive I would like to support an amazing charity in Hong Kong which is led by an Australian, “Narelle Pamuk”. After a successful career, Narelle ploughed her money and her time into the charity ‘Sai Kung Stray Friends’ which is managed by an amazing team of volunteers and so every dollar is going to “helping dogs have a better life”. They are currently housing over 200 dogs at the Kennel, and have 30+ meals on wheels programs. Now, Narelle is championing the Hong Kong/China border desex program. Narelle gives up so much of her time and really needs funds to keep this amazing achievement going, please  show your support as any support is truly, gratefully received. I can’t wait to meet the team  out there and volunteer at the kennel based in Tai Lam Wu, Sai Kung and it would be great for you to take part and show your support for this amazing Australian based in Hong Kong and the work that Sai Kung Stray Friends do.

Recent Donors

  • Eleanor Carson

    Hope this small donation helps Brookie! Cheers Aunty Elly xx

    AUD 100 05/25/2024 06:41:17 AM UTC

  • Callum Wordingham

    AUD 50 05/22/2024 06:16:52 AM UTC

  • Anonymous

    AUD 10 05/22/2024 03:31:57 AM UTC

  • Anonymous

    HKD 100 05/10/2024 10:53:25 AM UTC

  • Anonymous

    HKD 200 05/10/2024 02:08:49 AM UTC

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