I'm making a difference by raising money for a cause. With turmoil times and covind let's support children to be able to be children, play together no matter their parenthood, play safe and have opportunities. Please support me by donating.

My Story

Zero to hero...maybe. I am not much of a runner more of a team sports person but I couldn't resist to run for a good cause and challenge myself. Having had a tough few months of migraines I'm taking the challenge to try and run off my migraines. Running with piano music in my headphones I'll target to build up with every other day runs to go from barely being able to run 5km to completing this challenge. I'll be honest now that I'm not sure I'll be able to run the whole thing in one day, a half marathon may be my peak in one day but I am going to try! Wish me luck! I'll appreciate all the support - especially running in hot humid outdoor HK, as though virtual I will be doing it all outdoor here taking videos of all the miles as I go doing hopefully more than 42k before end of June! Enjoy the Videos/photos. Hope you join the journey. Thanks for the support. Radhika

Recent Donors

  • Jas Chumber

    Awesome work Radz n Lim!!! Great cause to support!

    GBP 100 29/06/2020

  • sameeah bhatti

    GBP 50 27/06/2020

  • Hafsah Bhatti

    Good luck Radz n Lim!! Hope the race goes all well today!! x

    GBP 50 26/06/2020

  • Marina & Evan

    HKD 1,000 26/06/2020

  • Leon Wu

    Gooooooo Radssssssssssss!!!!!

    HKD 200 27/05/2020

  • Celestina Cheung

    HKD 300 27/05/2020

  • Stanley Chow

    Good luck!!

    HKD 300 27/05/2020

  • luqman hamdani

    HKD 200 26/05/2020

  • Varun Razdan

    Transformating youths lives, one step at a time

    HKD 200 26/05/2020

  • Tony and Leanna Tang

    All-in Radhika!

    HKD 500 26/05/2020

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