Personal Challenge

Cancer is a growing menace to mankind. It's already dreadful for adults who are suffering from cancer and what more for children. So I am hoping to raise funds to help the children's cancer foundation. Every little effort/money donated contribute to a great cause. Thank you very much.

My Story

I've fractured my spine early November but had signed up for this marathon and another half marathon a week apart before the injury.  The pain I had was debilitating in the first few weeks but it's nothing when you think of how cancer destroyed the body cells of patients suffering from cancer.  Couldn't imagine how it will affect children for most of us.  Hope to complete both marathons and raise the funds for the foundation through my efforts at completing the runs.  Every little effort/money donated contribute to the cause and is appreciated.

Recent Donors

  • Francis Tan

    Jia You!

    SGD 50 04/22/2017 12:19:03 AM UTC

  • SY Chia

    SGD 100 04/04/2017 12:36:16 PM UTC

  • Hock Chuan ANG

    Well done! Admire your determination to keep your word!

    SGD 100 04/04/2017 10:07:16 AM UTC

  • Terence Wee

    SGD 100 04/03/2017 05:16:50 AM UTC

  • Tan Gek eng

    SGD 25 03/05/2017 02:46:18 AM UTC

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