I'm making a difference by raising money for a cause close to my heart. It will hurt!Please make my pain worthwhile by donating.

My Story

In April this year I lost an uncle to COVID19. Edwin Cotter was my mum’s youngest brother and in recent years had been pastoring a church in Silverdale, Stoke. I have been living and working in Cambodia with Care for Cambodia for almost 10 years and during this COVID period I remained here in Cambodia, it has been difficult to support my mourning family from distance, not knowing when I can return to comfort and support them in person. Edwin was passionate about serving those in need in his community and was also a big supporter of my work in a Cambodia. I aim to complete the challenge detailed below to raise funds to build a classroom in his memory. This classroom will benefit Care for Cambodia staff in their mission to keep kids and youth in school for longer. A better education gives kids the opportunity of improved job prospects, and gives them the hope of escaping the cycle of poverty which grips many families in rural Cambodia.

Run the Date
For each day in July I will run the equivalent number of kilometres i.e. on the 1st 1km, 2nd 2km, 10th 10km, 25th 25km. I will take each Sunday as rest days (or catchup days if I fall behind!). This works out to be 434km throughout the month - or an average of 14km per day.

Daily updates on my progress can be seen on this spreadsheet.

Recent Donors

  • Adam Hutchinson

    Congratulations Jonny - great effort for a great cause

    USD 250 01/08/2020

  • Virginia Luhn

    Congratulations - Edwin will have loved long as you're the one doing the running! And a classroom is the best thing ever for furthering his memory through helping kids... Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share in this project... glad it wasn't me running!

    USD 100 31/07/2020

  • 2 offline donations

    USD 50 13/07/2020

  • Patricia Devereaux

    USD 100 11/07/2020

  • 2 offline donors

    USD 40 09/07/2020

  • 2 separate offline donors

    USD 15 08/07/2020

  • 4 separate Offline donors

    USD 75 05/07/2020

  • Karen Reardon

    😇have fun Jonny

    USD 100 01/07/2020

  • Kathy Schrad

    Jonny, we are so filled with pride to know you. God will be with you and the joy of the Lord is your strength. We will be praying for you. Tom and Kathy

    USD 500 30/06/2020

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