We're making a difference by raising money for a cause close to our hearts - stop trafficking of people. Please support us by donating, or come out to Ma On Shan on 16 December, 2018, Sunday morning to come watch us run!

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Team members:

Bonita Lam

Elmer Cheng

Lewis Cheng

Joel James

Recent Donors

  • Anonymous

    Yay for awesome timings!!

    HKD 3,000 12/20/2018 09:50:19 AM UTC

  • Sheona Willis

    Well done Bon, Joel and Elmer. Happy running...hope you enjoy it.

    HKD 500 12/16/2018 02:44:11 AM UTC

  • Wilson Law

    Good luck my Queen B and the Gang!

    HKD 1,000 12/14/2018 03:02:17 AM UTC

  • Lisa Cheng

    Good luck Elmer, Lewis, Bon and Joel!

    HKD 1,500 12/14/2018 02:52:30 AM UTC

  • Paul & Grace Cheng

    Fully support to Lewis Elmer Bonita and Joe. Good luck to you all!

    HKD 3,000 12/14/2018 02:06:13 AM UTC

  • The Doyle’s

    Good luck and superb cause. 👊👍

    HKD 500 12/05/2018 03:31:21 AM UTC

  • Vic and Derek

    Go Queen B and the gang!! Good luck xx

    HKD 2,000 12/05/2018 01:48:37 AM UTC

  • Katie Addison

    Good luck guys 🙌

    HKD 600 12/04/2018 07:06:18 AM UTC

  • Cassandra Choi

    Bon, I hope you beat Elmer!

    HKD 500 12/04/2018 06:56:11 AM UTC

  • Carol Lam

    In full support of my Dada, EE, and Uncles!

    HKD 3,000 12/04/2018 06:24:04 AM UTC

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