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Ride & Live for Change to raise funding to support the "Child Led Initiative for Safe and Resilient Communities in Cambodia" to 3,000 children stay safe to attend schools in Cambodia.

My Story

We would like to use this channel to gather some funds to help impoverished children in Prey Veng, K. Cham, & K. Chhnang. Initiated by prominent organization, Save the Children, the collected fund will be funneled to bring about positive changes in enhancing safe and resilient communities and schools to more than 3000 kids in these provinces. We would like to strongly call on your helpful hands to give out some donation for this amazingly good cause. We are genuinely happy that this year the fund will be used to improve the livelihood and to safeguard children future in our motherland.  
Our campaign is to demonstrate Prudential’s Core Value of “Collaboration” in making a difference to ourselves and community that we strive. Being a team, we are respecting and valuing each other, thriving to make positive change despite our diversity and strength. It is not the first time for every of my team member to go cycling long distances. We have done less and more than 100 kilometers a couple of times, and each time we had quite memorable bonding activities. We will bring such strong team spirit to this event and successfully complete our respective round.

Our team would like to be a major part of a great force to collect fund from all sources around the world and inject it into the common cause that makes it possible for children to attain the right to survival, education, protection, development and participation. Charity is a way to actually provide immediate and in-need assistance to people and things around us. This is a heartfelt and indispensable act for every one of us for the country as well as for the world.

Our collective rides are counted and Prudential flag will show our countrymen and the world that our commitment to social responsibility fits well to our staunch belief of “Doing Good by Doing Well”. Our ride is exemplar of that belief and our actions matter. We believe that our endeavor to raise awareness of struggles that a lot of people are experiencing through riding bicycle is one of the simple and easy communication channels that anyone can do. And we hope to continue to disseminate the same message that everyone from all walks of life could join the ride and have fun while contributing to good cause that could initiate hope for someone else.

Recent Donors

  • Bunly Nimol Dany .

    USD 35 07/29/2016 06:01:37 AM UTC

  • Banca S10

    Banca S10, we are ONE, We are Prudential! Thank for letting our Banca S10 in this great initiative to help Cambodian Children!

    USD 102 07/27/2016 10:41:37 AM UTC

  • Chheang Sokkheang

    I am proud to be part of the great cause in helping Cambodian children!

    USD 10 07/27/2016 07:16:54 AM UTC

  • Banca S11

    Good luck, Cambodia team!

    USD 80 07/26/2016 07:29:46 AM UTC

  • Banca S01

    We are proud to be here with Prudential and part of the great cause of helping the Cambodian Children!

    USD 165 07/26/2016 06:48:27 AM UTC

  • Banca S04

    Bravo Banca S04, We are ONE!

    USD 250 07/25/2016 11:53:03 AM UTC

  • Banca S09

    We are Prudential, Banca S09!

    USD 102 07/25/2016 10:56:13 AM UTC

  • Banca S08

    We are One, Banca S08!

    USD 200 07/25/2016 10:40:44 AM UTC

  • Banca S06

    Happy to be part of helping the Cambodian Children!

    USD 181 07/25/2016 09:24:22 AM UTC

  • PCLA Contact Center Team

    We are ONE team!

    USD 27 07/22/2016 09:57:58 AM UTC

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