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My Story

Lombok has been affected by an earthquake last August 2018 that has left parts of the island in ruins and has been trying to get back up on its feet ever since. Prudential Indonesia, its Group Head Office, and together with Posko Jenggal (a local NGO) are continuing to give efforts to support a long - term recovery effort. Those efforts would include 102 temporary homes, 2 kindergartens, 2 prayer rooms, and a basketball court.

I will be joining the 100 miles ride in Prudential Ride London 2019 and in support with the ongoing relief efforts, I would be needing your help. A part of the event would be a fund raising activity where the amount collected are going to be donated to Lombok's recovery. Your efforts would go a long way in helping people rebuild the homes and also their lives.

Simply donate through this page and you have already helped those lives affected by the earthquake in Lombok.

Recent Donors

  • Nick Holder

    Good luck with the ride!

    IDR 1,000,000 07/08/2019 01:50:15 PM UTC

  • Maureen

    IDR 500,000 06/20/2019 05:28:19 AM UTC

  • Nadya Beatrix

    IDR 100,000 06/03/2019 02:44:24 PM UTC

  • Anonymous .

    Ready, Set, DO!

    IDR 250,000 04/26/2019 09:40:35 AM UTC

  • Jens Reisch

    PRURide London from Indonesia Team : Tetap Semangat menuju garis Finish!!

    IDR 5,000,000 04/23/2019 04:33:42 AM UTC

  • Winneta Riska

    IDR 150,000 04/17/2019 08:07:47 AM UTC

  • Anonymous

    Cia yooooo...!!!!

    IDR 100,000 04/04/2019 06:00:14 AM UTC

  • Anonymous

    Cemungudh.... jangan lupa oleh2

    IDR 200,000 04/04/2019 05:43:05 AM UTC

  • Anonymous Anonymous

    Kenji Takai... Fighting !!! :D

    IDR 100,000 03/29/2019 08:14:12 AM UTC

  • Runi Nurtriyani

    GO Kenji GO Kenji GO Kenji!!! #savekenji

    IDR 100,000 03/29/2019 08:13:42 AM UTC

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