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We are a group of students from Brickfields Asia College, who would like to extend our helping hand to help these innocent animals that has been sheltered due to unforeseen circumstances not just that we would also like to assist this shelter from a financial standpoint in order to reduce their burden.

The shelter in question is Malaysian Independent Animal Rescue, also abbreviated as MIAR. They are a non-profit organization and aiming to make a better life for the dogs who lives there, it’s been said they have nearly 400 dogs in their care as of now. MIAR also occasionally rescue animals from the pound in order to save them from putting the animal to sleep. One of the many reasons, we are raising funds for these innocent animals is as aforementioned MIAR is a non-profit organization, they heavily rely on funds that has been donated to them. Therefore, as a group of individuals we would lesser their burden.

By donating one may not change the entire landscape of strays in Malaysia nevertheless it’s a right step into a direction of much needed change for these sheltered animals. As Henry Ford once says ‘coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is a process. Working together is a success’ having said that be one of our donors even if it’s a small amount it constitutes as coming together therefore, we only can move forward from there.

Appreciate you taking the time, we would like to send our thanks and gratitude to your way and wishing you success and happiness in your future endeavors.

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