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My Story

Hi, my name is Jam Antkowiak.

When I was a grade one pupil, I was molested one early morning by a bystander at my elementary school. Luckily, before it got worst, I was rescued by a concerned person who from a distance saw the bystander taking me to the back building. The concerned person was jogging around the playground. This was a public school. This was a time when parents believed it was safe for their kids to walk and go to school on their own. How wrong they were.

I did not understand all that went on that morning but the concerned person waited for my teacher to arrive before he went on his way. My teacher and the other teachers in that building asked me all kinds of questions. They seemed to not know what to do. None of them informed my parents. They only instructed me to avoid the bystander because he was an addict. I was in grade 4 when I realized that what happened to me was very wrong. Ashamed and confused I never talked about it until I became an adult.

I am supporting Save the Children and I wish to raise funds for the protection of children against any kind of abuse. Every child has the right to be protected.  

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