You have the power to protect our Earth!

My Story

Dear friends

I'll be doing a 30km hike at midnight on 13 Oct to raise awareness for nature conservation.

I would like to ask for your help to make a contribution to this cause. No amount is too small.

We can protect nature through the 3Rs: 
  • Reduce, use only what you need
  • Reuse things
  • Recycle, convert waste into useful products

Human lives depend on nature. Let's all do our part so future generations can continue to enjoy!

Many thanks in advance for your kind support and generous donation!

All my best


Recent Donors

  • Aishah Tun Valkema

    HKD 150 15/10/2017

  • Sharifah Mariam Alsagoff

    Well done Susan 👍😊

    HKD 500 13/10/2017

  • Tchi Mun Ng

    HKD 500 13/10/2017

  • Gemma Tay

    HKD 500 12/10/2017

  • Suen Wing Shui

    HKD 500 12/10/2017

  • Janice Yeung

    AUD 25 12/10/2017

  • Regina Siu

    HKD 250 12/10/2017

  • Sharon Khua

    All the Best!💪🏻

    SGD 200 09/10/2017

  • KHUA Eric


    CNY 1,000 08/10/2017

  • Pansy Khua

    Jia you!

    SGD 200 07/10/2017

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