We want to ensure that everyone has food on their table during this difficult time

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Yellow House, a local grassroots NGO, has been working with marginalised, vulnerable communities since 2011. In order to have maximum impact, Yellow House thoroughly assesses the needs of these communities to match them with existing opportunities. Over the years, Yellow House has touched the lives of thousands of beneficiaries and in the process have developed a deep understanding of the needs of these communities who often rely on daily/weekly wages to make ends meet.

With the pandemic outbreak happening around the world, Project S.O.U.P aims to ensure that there are food on the table for more than 200 underprivileged families, including the elderly and refugees. We will start delivering care packages to families in Ampang, and gradually expand our support to those in need in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. Our aim is to ensure that everyone has food on their table - one family at a time.

Funds raised will be used to send monthly care packages to more than 200 families. Care packages include basic necessities and food.

[Update @ 15 April 2020]

Thank you for your generous support to date!

As the MCO continues to be extended, more and more families are reaching out to us for help. In response, we are extending our fund-raising campaign and increasing our target to reach up to 700 families. Based on their needs and family composition, we are adding infant milk, diapers and feminine hygiene products to the food care packages. Any contribution, big or small, will help these households get through this trying time.

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For corporate sponsorship, please contact Shyam at 018-367 4852.

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