I'm making a difference by raising money by showing a screening of Plastic Oceans in my local area. Please support Plastic Oceans by donating.

My Story

Many years ago on the journey towards a healthier body to combat allergies, I read information about chemicals, pesticides and plastics which are interfering with our bodies, our health and our envrionment. It wasn't until I watched Plastic Oceans that I realised how deep this problem goes and that we must all do more to help clean up our environment which in includes our seas through Reduce, Reuse, Recycle...and try not to buy plastic in the first place. If you come along to watch the Plastic Ocean documentary (shortened 33 min version) I will show you some easy ways I have cut down on plastic and involve the children in taking care of our planet. I look forward to seeing you there and any donation you can make will help the Plastic Ocean Foundation to address this issue, not only in the UK, but also abroad where much of the ocean plastic originates. I am raising funds in Hong King Dollars (£500=5000HKD approx.) as they are the owners of the screening globally.

Thank you for reading and for your kind donation. Please help spread the word.

Some easy ways you can reduce your plastic waste:

-buy food in bulk from Sisters Against Plastic in Lichfield or the bulk food shop in Lichfield

-buy plastic free clothing, 100% natural fibres

-choose wooden, metal or paper toys for your children, evidence shows less toys is better for the intelligence, creativity and development anyway

-buy metal, bamboo or rice toothbrushes, straws

-buy metal reusable drink cups and bottles

-give all your food packaging back to the supermarkets. Lush recycle bottle top lids.

-There are plenty more ideas, but that's a start. Start slowly, make it fun, an adventure and challenge for all the family, keep a chart!

Recent Donors

  • Mel Halacre

    This was raised in cash from everyone who attended our first short film screening. Thanks for all your support!

    HKD 505 25/06/2019

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