While we cannot save or help everyone, we can all aid at least one person. So, think of your loved one, who might have felt left out, lonely, feeling like an outcast, etc. and don’t forget to give them a hug! And I hope that you may find a place in your heart to help these refugees, who may be fighting for the future of their loved ones as well.

My Story

2022 was an interesting year to me. I have gone places: meeting new people and trying new habits as an international student in Malaysia; far from home and comfort it seems, yet enjoyable all the same.... And now, as we are opening a new page in life, I am led to raise causes for refugee children together with AIESEC in Taylor's University, Warrior Bride Learning Centre, and the Somali Refugee Center. I also volunteered together with other friends to teach these refugees some Bahasa Melayu, Math, and English. As an international student, I can’t help but feel the same way as I sometimes was a year ago: having difficulties fitting in, feeling lonely, and not able to connect with people which they might've felt too at some point.

At this time, it's usually a good idea to have something that reminds them of home (and what should've been in their home country). Every individual has the fundamental right to an education, regardless of where they live. These children, aged 8 to 16, have struggled to acquire an education owing to a lack of a legislative framework in which to address their condition, a lack of legal protection, a lack of funds for NGOs who they solely rely for help, etc. 

This is terrible since they will be unable to adapt in this rapidly changing world. Therefore, I want to help establish a secure learning environment for everyone, including refugees from all backgrounds, and ultimately do what I can to motivate others to support them as well, so that they can have easier access to education, which they clearly deserve, especially for their tenacity to come into a foreign land which they might not have wanted in the first place. 

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