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My Story

Hello there! I'm a student at Taylor's University and a volunteer in the project Ocean Harmony under AIESEC and The Sea Monkey Project. 

Did you know that microplastics in humans is a current growing concern?  It's estimated that there are trillions of microplastic particles in the world's oceans. Over 800 species are known to be affected by plastic pollution. As marine organisms ingest plastic particles, they may accumulate in the tissues of fish and other seafood. When humans consume contaminated seafood, they may unknowingly ingest harmful chemicals associated with these plastics. Alarmingly, microplastics have also been found in the air, causing concern about their potential inhalation by humans.

The Ocean Harmony project focuses on raising awareness on plastic pollution, the harmful effects it has, and how to tackle this global issue.

I believe in the power of collective action and want to be a part of a community working towards a cleaner, healthier environment. Volunteering allows me to turn my concern for the environment into tangible efforts.

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